Application case of industrial dust collector in laser cutting workshop

In modern industrial production, laser cutting technology is widely used in the processing of various materials due to its high precision and efficiency. However, the smoke and dust generated during the laser cutting process pose a serious threat to the working environment and employees’ health. Applying industrial dust collector to laser cutting production line realizes effective collection and treatment of dust.

During the laser cutting process, the high-temperature laser beam acts on the surface of the material, causing it to melt, vaporize or burn rapidly, thus generating a large amount of smoke and dust. This dust not only pollutes the working environment and reduces the service life of the production equipment, but also may cause harm to the respiratory system of the employees. Therefore, effective dust removal measures are essential to ensure production safety and employee health.

For the characteristics of the dust generated by laser cutting, we recommend the use of industrial dust collector. The dust collector has the characteristics of large air volume and high negative pressure, which can quickly suck the dust generated in the cutting area into the dust collector. At the same time, we also configure a high-efficiency filtration system to ensure that the dust is thoroughly filtered and collected to avoid secondary pollution.

In the actual application, we install the industrial dust collector next to the laser cutting machine and connect the cutting area with the dust collector through the pipeline. When the laser cutting machine starts to work, the dust collector starts at the same time, sucking in and filtering the dust produced. The use of a dust collector also extends the life of the laser cutting machine and associated equipment. As the erosion effect of dust on the equipment is greatly reduced, the maintenance cycle of the equipment can be extended, reducing the production cost.

Post time: 06-07-24