• CSDC-12L Cartridge Dust Collector

    CSDC-12L Cartridge Dust Collector

    CSDC-12L adopts ultra-high-efficiency air separation technology. Compared with other types of dust collectors, it has the characteristics of large effective filtration area, low pressure difference, low emission, small size and long service life.

  • CSDC-8L Cartridge Dust Collector

    CSDC-8L Cartridge Dust Collector

    The box part of our Eight-cylinder filter cartridge dust collector uses the self-weight of the dust-laden gas and the downward airflow pattern to achieve its own self-purification and filtration. This reduces operating costs and improves filtration efficiency.

  • CSDC-6L Cartridge Dust Collector

    CSDC-6L Cartridge Dust Collector

    Cartridge-type dust collectors have appeared in Japan and some European and American countries as early as the 1970s. They have the advantages of small size, high efficiency, low investment, and easy maintenance. However, due to their small equipment capacity, it is difficult to combine into large air volume equipment. The filtration wind speed is low and the application range is narrow.

  • CSDC-4L Cartridge Dust Collector

    CSDC-4L Cartridge Dust Collector

    The filter cartridge dust collector is composed of a filter cartridge as a filter element or a pulse jet dust collector. Cartridge dust collectors can be divided into oblique insertion type, side installation type, hoisting type and top installation type according to the installation method. Cartridge dust collectors can be divided into long fiber polyester filter cartridge dust collectors, composite fiber filter cartridge dust collectors, anti-static filter cartridge dust collectors, flame retardant filter cartridge dust collectors, and film-coated filter cartridge dust collectors according to the filter cartridge material. Nano filter cartridge dust collector, etc.

  • Pulse Jet Industrial Bag Type Baghouse Dust Collector

    Pulse Jet Industrial Bag Type Baghouse Dust Collector

    The bag filter is suitable for capturing fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. The filter bag is made of woven filter cloth or non-woven felt, and the dust-containing gas is filtered by the filtering effect of the fiber fabric. The action settles down and falls into the ash hopper. When the gas containing finer dust passes through the filter material, the dust is blocked and the gas is purified.

  • Stainless Steel Sheet Embossing Machine With Coiling Uncoiling

    Stainless Steel Sheet Embossing Machine With Coiling Uncoiling

    Our uncoiling line equipment can perform uncoiling, leveling, guiding, cross-cutting to length, palletizing and more. It mainly includes uncoiler, main straightener, transition platform, sizing, conveyor, stacker, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electrical system, etc. The production line ensures precise feeding and cutting. Mainly used for surface coating metal materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Portable Mobile Welding Fume Smoke Dust Collectors

    Portable Mobile Welding Fume Smoke Dust Collectors

    Welding fume purifier is an environmental protection equipment used for electric welding fume purification. It absorbs and treats waste slag and toxic and harmful gases generated during welding, shielded welding, argon arc welding and other welding processes by filtering and purifying. Through the welding fume dust collector, gas pollution can be prevented, the health damage of harmful substances to operators can be reduced, and occupational diseases, mainly caused by pneumoconiosis, can be prevented.