Practical applications of laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning can be widely used in various industries such as aerospace and aviation, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, electronics industry, etc., because laser cleaning can be used to clean not only organic pollutants, but also inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust and so on. Laser cleaning for the following kinds of cleaning objects have been widely used, and mature technology.

(1) Laser rust removal. For A, B class rust, laser can be removed more easily, after cleaning, the metal surface can restore the white bright metal color.

(2) Laser paint removal. Compared with the traditional sanding paint removal, laser paint removal is not only highly efficient, low labor costs, and will not cause damage to the substrate, the cleaning effect is far better than the traditional paint removal. Therefore, it can be applied to aircraft paint removal and radome paint removal.

(3) Laser removal of aluminum alloy oxide layer. Aluminum alloy oxidized layer will affect the welding quality of aluminum alloy, reduce the mechanical properties of welded joints, the use of laser cleaning can replace the traditional mechanical grinding, acid washing and alkali washing processes, higher efficiency, quality control, fast and convenient, environmental protection and pollution-free.

(4) Laser oil removal. For oil cleaning, the traditional way is generally used in chemical cleaning, chemical cleaning is easy to cause damage to the surface of the cleaning object coarsening and environmental pollution, laser cleaning is a green cleaning method, in the easy removal of oil at the same time will not burden the environment.

(5) Pre-treatment before welding. Laser pretreatment can remove the cleaning object surface attached to the water, oil, effectively reduce the oxygen content, enhance the welding quality. Relative to the uncleaned weld, after laser cleaning, the weld pull-up performance is significantly improved.

(6) Post-weld treatment. The unsightliness of the weld after welding may affect the value of the commodity, so it is necessary to clean the weld after welding, laser cleaning can be applied to aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and other materials after welding treatment.

(7) Cultural relics restoration. Laser cleaning can also be applied to stone statues, paintings, antique appliances and other cultural relics.

Post time: 19-06-24