CSDC Cartridge Dust Collector

Scope of application
Laser cutting, plasma cutting, grinder and other industries;
Many occasions such as composite material processing dust removal and powder recycling; heavy-duty occasions such as automated assembly lines.
Performance characteristics
The fan complies with the AMCA standard, adopts high-efficiency centrifugal fan technology, comes standard with a motor, and the impeller is directly connected to the motor, which is highly efficient and maintenance-free.
The filter cartridge is made of nano flame-retardant material, the surface wind speed is 0.8~1.2m/min, the filtration accuracy is more than 0.3um, and the filtration efficiency is more than 99%.
The dust removal adopts automatic pulse dust removal technology, and standard domestic first-line well-known brand components, which are sprayed once every 15 minutes to avoid clogging of the filter cartridge and prolong the service life of the filter cartridge.
It has an integrated spark catcher to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the machine and prevent fire hazards. It is equipped with a movable large-capacity dust collecting bucket, which is safe, fast and easy to move.
The dust collector box is designed with professional structure and adopts 3-10mm galvanized sheet. The structure is safe and stable, with strong airtightness, and the overall appearance is beautiful and generous.

Post time: 09-06-21