Daily maintenance and maintenance of industrial dust removal equipment

industrial pulse cement silo dust collector filter cartridge manifacturer

The maintenance and management of the industrial filter cartridge dust collector after its operation stops is very important, because the maintenance of the dust removal equipment is not only the key to ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, but also the key to ensuring the life of the dust removal equipment.

Moisture condensation often occurs in the dust extractor chamber, which is caused by the cooling of the humid gas, especially the gas generated by combustion. Therefore, before the system cools down, the humid gas must be discharged and completely replaced with dry air. That is, after the process equipment stops running, the exhaust fan of the dust collector should run for a period of time before stopping.

During the period of long-term shutdown, full attention should be paid to the cleaning and rust prevention of the fan to prevent dust and rainwater from entering the bearing (pay attention to the moisture-proof of the motor). Before stopping the operation, the ash accumulated in the ash hopper should be removed through the unloader. The cleaning mechanism and the driving part should be fully filled with oil.

During the shutdown period of the precipitator, regular short-term operation is the maintenance method to ensure the normal operation of the air filter system.

In addition, the technical work after the operation of the vacuum cleaner equipment, in order to prevent dust adhesion and corrosion, after the welding fume purifier continues to run for a period of time, the operation of the laser dust collector equipment can not be stopped until the dust remover air collector equipment is completely replaced by clean air.

Post time: 17-02-23