Design Concept of Cartridge Dust Collector


The design ideas of the cartridge dust collector are here!

As we all know, human beings have a common destiny, so the earth’s environment is very important to each of us, and everyone needs to contribute. However, with the progress of human industry, a large number of harmful gases are correspondingly generated. Therefore, in order to achieve both industrial progress and environmental protection, we are also constantly exploring better auxiliary processing tools. With the birth of dust collectors, 90% of factories The burden is reduced in terms of exhaust emissions.

Today we are going to talk about the industrial filter cartridge dust collector. It is mainly used in laser production industry, plasma processing, sheet metal cutting, glass factory, food processing factory and other production and processing dust removal. It has a wide range of applications.
Our dust extraction units is machined with high-quality sheet metal shell, which has a stable and sturdy shell, high safety factor, and can achieve effective shockproof effect. The pull-out design of the circular filter cartridge not only increases the filter area but also is easy to disassemble. The combination of high-quality core accessories can effectively extend the service life of the machine and reduce the number of maintenance. OEM service, easy to solve your customization problems.

Industrial dust collectors can effectively reduce exhaust emissions during industrial production, create an excellent processing environment, reduce the probability of workers suffering from respiratory diseases, and effectively respond to the global call for pollution reduction and emission reduction.

Post time: 13-10-22