How to use industrial dust collector correctly

The use of industrial dust collectors in industrial production needs to meet the following requirements:

1. Industrial dust collectors have different types, standards, layout functions and functional characteristics. Please pay attention to the instructions to avoid damage to the industrial dust collector and endanger the safety of users due to improper use.
2. The working temperature of the filter cartridge industrial dust collector can be around 40°; the workplace must not be located at a height of 1000 meters, must have a good ventilation system, and must not be used in a drying room with flammable and corrosive gases.
3. The industrial dust collector must not absorb water, and the industrial dust collector cannot be operated with wet hands. All paper balls, plastics and other large-diameter waste must be removed in advance. When the industrial dust collector absorbs liquid substances, the filter element should be removed and the liquid should be drained in time.
4. Connect the ground wire to ensure the safety of power supply. Generally speaking, the continuous operation of industrial dust collectors should not exceed 8 hours at a time, especially to avoid engine overheating and burning. There is a specially designed special heat dissipation system, which can work continuously for more than 36 hours, and can be used together with the machine tool.
5. Power cable, if you see yellow or red symbols on the power cable, you must stop immediately to avoid pulling the power cable too far. If you need to recoil the cord again, simply press the button to actively retract it into use.
6. Do not overstretch, bend or fold the industrial dust collector tube, otherwise it will affect the service life of the industrial dust collector.
7. Check whether the dust collector plug and power cord are damaged. Electricity leakage will burn out the engine of the industrial vacuum cleaner.
8. When moving the dust collector equipment, be careful not to be hit, so as not to damage the industrial dust collector tube and cause air leakage, which will reduce the suction of the industrial dust collector.
9. If the machine is not running, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. For industrial dust collectors that do not support long-term operation, the continuous running time should be controlled within the running time supported by the industrial dust collector. Do not overload the equipment, otherwise it will affect the service life of the industrial dust collector.
10. If the host of the dust removal system is hot, has a fire smell, or the industrial dust removal equipment vibrates or makes abnormal noises, it should be shut down and sent for repair immediately.

Post time: 22-02-23