Learn about low negative pressure welding fume removal and choose the appropriate dust removal equipment

Fumes consisting of solid particles are produced during the welding process. These particles form when metal vapors condense, and many of them contain hazardous substances that cause disease, causing lung irritation and/or systemic poisoning. Fumes can also be generated from coatings and residues on base metals, or from processes such as plasma or laser cutting.

Welders are at high risk of frequent exposure to welding fumes, which can also affect other people in the environment. Through low negative pressure or high negative pressure extraction, the welding fume can be effectively captured from the source, which can greatly reduce the damage to equipment and personnel caused by harmful industrial processes, protect the safety and health of personnel, create a clean production environment, and improve production efficiency.

Advantages of low negative pressure dust removal
The suction arm is a kind of industrial dust removal equipment, usually used for low negative pressure extraction. It removes a large amount of air at a low speed, similar to a domestic range hood. Many industrial processes, such as welding or cutting, produce naturally rising hot fumes. The suction hood of the suction arm can be installed above the welding station, or placed across the welding table from the welder, so that the suction hood or suction nozzle is horizontally facing the source of the fume. The distance between the fume source and the extraction point provides the welder with more working space.
Another benefit of low negative pressure industrial dust collection systems is that they can work with tools that do not (or cannot) have integrated extraction. Return air benches, downdraft benches and hoods can also sometimes suck hazardous gases from the workstation, but require large fans and therefore use more energy than suction arms.

Central dust removal system
The dust collector suitable for welding fume is used in combination with capture devices and fans, as a central dust removal system, which can effectively remove and filter welding fume. Our dust collector has a compact modular design and dust removal structure, and the special design of the core ensures uniform dust removal pressure throughout the filter element to achieve thorough and efficient cleaning. We can provide turnkey projects according to your requirements, from consulting and design to installation all the way to after-sales service.




Post time: 09-12-22