Small details have big hazards – keep factory electrical equipment away from dust hazards

Why is there more dust on electrical equipment in factories than elsewhere?

First, electrical equipment will vibrate and generate heat when it is working, which will increase the temperature of the surrounding air. In a relatively closed factory environment, the volume of dust particles in the air will increase, and when the mass remains unchanged, the density of dust will decrease, resulting in an increase in the concentration of dust in a certain space and a stronger dust particle activity. When the machine is not working, the machine will cool down, the ambient temperature will drop, and the thermal expansion and contraction of the surrounding air will adsorb the dust particles suspended in the air on the equipment.

Second, most electronic devices will have static electricity (especially the electrostatic field strength of metal dust will be higher), the high-speed rotating motor will generate a magnetic field, and the fine dust particles will generate adsorption force.

What harm does dust bring to the electrical components of the equipment?

1. The contact is mechanically stuck, and the adhesion does not reset

2. Poor contact of contacts, sometimes good and sometimes bad

3. Cause a short circuit

4. Reduce insulation resistance

These hazards will not only cause circuit failure, but also directly or indirectly cause the burning of large-value electrical accessories. For example, inverter, server, PLC, etc. Such problems not only increase the cost of purchasing parts and maintenance costs for enterprises, but also cause troubles that affect the product delivery cycle due to equipment downtime.

In our daily work, what can we do to keep electrical equipment away from dust hazards?

First, the electrical cabinet door must be closed and locked. This can partially isolate the dust, and can also ensure safety and avoid production accidents.

Second, clean up the dust regularly. When it is found that there is a lot of dust and dust on the electrical equipment, a vacuum cleaner or dust collector equipment should be used for suction in time, and compressed air cannot be used for blowing! Blowing with compressed air is not allowed! Blowing with compressed air is not allowed! (Because blowing can only clean the surface of the machine, but a large amount of dust will be blown into the interior of the electrical components, aggravating the damage to the electrical components).

Third, reduce the concentration of dust in the space from the source. Using the filter cartridge dust collector equipment, under the action of the main fan of the system, the dust-laden gas will enter the physical spark capture channel on the side of the dust collector from the air inlet at the lower part of the dust collector. The trap enters each dust removal chamber of the upper box, and the dust will be shaken off by the pulse back blowing, and the tiny particles will be blocked by the filter element and then fall off by the backflushing dust blowing, and finally all the gas will be in the ash collecting bucket at the bottom of the machine are collected uniformly. The filtered clean air will also enter the clean air cavity of the upper box through the filter cartridge and be collected to the air outlet for discharge.

Tips: A good dust collector should have the function of automatic dust cleaning (the dust collector adopts the off-line dust cleaning method of sub-chamber pulse backflushing, which avoids the phenomenon of dust being repeatedly adsorbed, improves the effect of pulse jet dust cleaning, and reduces the resistance of the cloth bag )

Post time: 22-07-22