Super comprehensive knowledge of welding fume purification equipment – filter cartridge dust collector (recommended collection)

Welding fume purifier equipment, workshop centralized collection of welding fume purifier. The fume and exhaust gas generated by welding is collected by the flexible suction arm instantly, and then enters the high-efficiency filter cartridge dust collector through the physical cooling and capture channel, and the smoke and dust exhaust gas is in the high-efficiency filter cartridge dust collector Blocked and purified by the high-efficiency purification filter element, part of the large particle dust falls into the ash hopper at the lower part of the dust collector due to gravity, and the other part of the small particle dust adheres to the outside of the filter element under the negative pressure of the fan. The pulse valve is under the control of the controller. After a certain period of time, the filter element of the system is automatically blown and cleaned from the inside to the outside. During the blowback process, small particles of dust fall into the ash hopper for collection. After a certain amount of dust has accumulated in the ash hopper, it needs to be transported outside for disposal. The clean gas passes through the filter element, enters the exhaust port, and is discharged into the atmosphere from the chimney at high altitude under the action of the centrifugal fan.

Welding fume purifier equipment

Classification of filter cartridge dust collectors
The workshop concentrates on collecting welding fume purifiers, filter cartridges and dust collectors, which use filter cartridges as filter elements or use pulse-jet dust collectors. According to the installation method, the filter cartridge dust collector can be divided into oblique insertion type, side installation type, hoisting type and top installation type. Filter cartridge dust collectors can be divided into long fiber polyester filter cartridge dust collectors, composite fiber filter cartridge dust collectors, anti-static filter cartridge dust collectors, flame retardant filter cartridge dust collectors, and film-coated filter cartridge dust collectors according to the filter cartridge materials. Nano filter cartridge dust collector, etc.

The structure of the filter cartridge dust collector
The structure of the filter cartridge dust collector is composed of air inlet pipe, exhaust pipe, box body, ash hopper, dust removal device, flow guide device, air flow distribution distribution plate, filter cartridge and electric control device, similar to the air box pulse bag dust removal structure.

Welding fume centralized collection filter cartridge dust collector
(1) Introduction to the machine
The welding fume centralized collection filter cartridge dust collector adopts advanced pleated filter cartridge as the filter element, which can remove fine non-fibrous dust. Compared with the traditional pulse bag dust collector, this machine has the advantages of small size, large filter area High efficiency, low pressure loss, reliable operation, long service life, etc. It is widely used in dust control and recycling in machining, welding fume casting, chemical industry, ceramics, brake material processing, powder spraying and other industries, as well as in casting purification. After the dust gas is treated, it can reach the national emission standard. It is a new form of pulse dust collector.

(2) Working principle
The dust-laden gas enters the dust collector box from the air inlet on the upper part of the dust collector, and goes up and down. Due to the action of gravity and the downward airflow, the dust particles are first dropped directly to the ash hopper, and the fine dust is captured on the outer surface by the filter cartridge, and the clean gas After being filtered and purified by the filter cartridge, it enters the clean room from the center of the filter cartridge, and then is discharged through the lower air outlet. As the filtering condition continues, the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter cartridge increases. At this time, the pulse controller controls the solenoid valve to open according to the set pulse period and pulse interval, and ejects high-pressure gas, blows it into the inner cavity of the filter cartridge, and shakes off the surface. The accumulated dust falls into the ash hopper and is discharged through the ash discharge port.

Nano flame retardant filter

(3) Structural features
1. It is more convenient to install and disassemble the internal filter element of the dust collector by quick plug-in, and the workers only need to operate outside the dust collector. There is no need for personnel to enter the dust collector, which eliminates the difficulty of disassembly and maintenance.
2. Multiple anti-spark measures are directly designed inside the dust collector, which can save external connection of anti-spark devices. It makes it more safe and reliable to use, and eliminates the worries of customers.
3. The internal filter element of the dust collector adopts all-round rotating dust removal, which makes the dust removal more thorough and clean, can always ensure that the dust collector has a maximum air flow, and improves the service life of the whole machine.
4. The dust collector control system adopts automatic control, which makes the operation more convenient and flexible for workers.

(4) The automatic cleaning function of the welding fume centralized collection filter cartridge dust collector
The cleaning of the filter material of the welding fume centralized collection filter cartridge dust collector is realized by the pulse injection mechanism controlled by the differential pressure sensor: when the purifier runs for a period of time, the fine dust is adsorbed on the surface of the filter material, which reduces the air permeability of the filter material. When the differential pressure detected by the differential pressure sensor exceeds a certain set value, the differential pressure signal is output, and the pulse generator starts the pulse injection valve sequentially after receiving the signal, and the clean compressed air is ejected from the valve port, ejecting the air flow to the filter cartridge The purge will not stop until the pressure difference is lower than another set value; the fine dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter material is removed under the action of the air flow and falls into the dust hopper at the lower part of the chamber. Pulse injection requires clean compressed air of  0.5~0.6MPa , and must maintain a continuous and constant air supply during operation. Compared with the traditional electrostatic filter and mechanical filter, the cartridge filter has the following advantages: the emission concentration is low, up to 5mg/m3, and other filters can only filter the particle size above 0.5um; while our products can filter Dust above 0.5um. It has good air permeability and lower air resistance than ordinary filters; it is convenient to clean dust and fully automatic to ensure the continuity and high efficiency of production. Dust collection, container loading and unloading is convenient, the connection with the filter funnel is sealed, no dust leakage.

(5) Characteristics of the filter material of the welding fume centralized collection filter cartridge dust collector
The welding fume centralized collection filter cartridge dust collector uses a high-efficiency filter cartridge as the filter element. The filter material used in the filter cartridge is different from the general traditional filter material, and is made of nano-flame-retardant raw materials. The fiber gap of traditional filter materials (such as cotton cloth, cotton satin, paper and other traditional cellulose, etc.) is 5-60um. When the smoke and dust pass through, some dust particles in the smoke and dust will enter the filter material and block the filter element; When the situation gradually deteriorates and effective dust removal cannot be carried out, the air resistance of the filter element will increase, and the air flow rate that can pass will also decrease accordingly. If there is no automatic dust cleaning, the filtration effect will drop rapidly. The extremely small mesh of our machine filter material can block most of the sub-micron dust particles; the sub-micron dust particles accumulate on the surface of the filter material and form a permeable dust cake , Most of the dust particles are blocked on the outer surface of the filter material and cannot enter the inside of the filter material, and can be removed in time and effectively under the blowing of compressed air. The filter material has a very high filtration efficiency, which is at least  3-5  times higher than traditional filter materials, and its service life is more than  2  times higher than traditional filter materials.

Characteristics of the filter material of the welding fume

The centralized collection of welding fume purifiers in the workshop has the following significant advantages:
1. The equipment box part uses the self-weight of the dust-laden gas and the flow pattern of the downward airflow to achieve its own self-purification and filtration. This can reduce operating costs and improve filtration efficiency.
2. The air treatment combination adopts a novel and unique filter cartridge device, which is installed horizontally in the equipment. It is characterized by large filter area, good dust filter effect, easy replacement and cleaning, fast, safe and durable.
3. The equipment has compact structure, reasonable layout and good versatility, fully reflecting the advanced level of dust removal technology. When users choose, they can conveniently carry out different treatment combinations according to their specific working conditions, so as to ensure the satisfactory working effect of users.
4. The equipment adopts advanced pulse back-blowing dust removal device, which has obvious dust removal effect, and can control the pulse injection time and cycle according to the size of its own running resistance, so as to save energy and reduce consumption.

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