What are the uses of laser cleaning machine?

Laser cleaning machine laser beam shape can be controlled, not only does not harm the surface of the artifacts, but also can be very good to clean a variety of products workpiece, including cleaning rusty workpiece, remove the paint on the surface of the equipment, change the surface of the object oxidation of the dark and so on.

What is a laser cleaner?
Laser cleaning machine is a kind of machine that uses high-energy laser beam to remove rust, oil and other unwanted materials on the surface of the equipment. Sunar laser cleaning machine utilizes high-frequency high-energy laser pulses to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, and the coated layer can instantly absorb the focused laser energy, so that the oil, rust or coating on the surface of the surface undergoes instantaneous evaporation or stripping, and the high speed and effective removal of the surface adhesion or the surface coating of the cleaning method, and the action time is Very short laser pulse, under the appropriate parameters will not harm the metal substrate.

Laser cleaning process advances the traditional cleaning methods, solves the problem of leaving various chemical residues by utilizing chemical and mechanical cleaning methods, and also reduces the damage to the equipment.

What are the uses of laser cleaner:
1,Metal surface rust removal
2,Surface paint removal and paint removal treatment
3, surface oil, stains, dirt cleaning
4,Surface plating, coating clear
5, welding surface, spraying surface pretreatment
6,Stone statue surface dust and adhesion removal
7,Rubber mold residue cleaning
8,antiques and cultural relics cleaning

Cultural relics laser cleaner is proved to be the value of the application:
Specifically including building restoration, stone, metal and wood cleaning, sculpture cleaning, antique cars, antique boats, antique machinery cleaning, graffiti cleaning, lead-based paint removal, art protection, painting protection, paper protection, wood protection, leather cleaning, artifacts protection, archaeological cleaning and so on.

Post time: 09-07-24