What to do if the welding fume workshop is full of smoke? A welding fume dust collector to help you solve your troubles


As a metal heating method, welding is widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, automobile production and other industries, but it also produces a lot of harmful gases, especially in factory workshops with poor ventilation conditions, the concentration of welding fumes will be greatly increased. If it is raised, it will cause great damage to the worker’s body. Welding fume particles are small in diameter, high in viscosity, and high in temperature. Nose hairs and nasal mucous membranes can act as a barrier. They will directly invade lung tissue and cause pneumoconiosis. If they enter the blood, they will cause poisoning, such as hydrogen poisoning and manganese poisoning.

A worker can produce 60-150g of welding fume a day, and the amount of dust is very large. Welding fume purifier is a new type of industrial environmental protection waste gas treatment equipment. It is usually used in electric welding, argon arc welding, secondary welding and other welding places to protect the environment and protect the health of workers.

Welding fume purifiers are mainly divided into two categories: mobile welding fume purifiers and welding fume central dust collectors (hereinafter referred to as welding fume central dust collectors). So, what is the difference between the two?


Mobile welding fume purifier

The mobile welding fume purifier is a mobile high-efficiency purifier designed for various industrial needs. It can be generally divided into four categories according to the number of working arms, system methods, and dust cleaning methods. Single-arm mobile welding Fume purifier, double-arm mobile welding fume purifier, mobile single-arm pulse welding fume purifier, mobile double-arm pulse welding fume purifier, suitable for local welding fume treatment, according to different working places and methods to choose different models Moving arm duct and exhaust fan. The mobile welding fume purifier has the characteristics of flexible and stable movement, small size, high dust capture rate, simple operation, and low follow-up maintenance costs.


Welding fume central dust collector

The welding fume central dust collector adopts the main machine for removing fume, and uses the way of connecting the pipeline with the welding arm to deal with the fume, which is suitable for the purification of fume and dust with many welding stations and relatively concentrated. Centralized processing does not occupy the factory space, the overall layout is beautiful, and it is convenient to use. The purification host adopts PLC control, and the pulse automatic backflushing dust collection is convenient for maintenance. Compared with mobile welding fume purifiers, welding fume central dust collectors are more adaptable.

The mobile welding fume purifier is suitable for collecting and processing welding fumes with fewer stations and small workpieces in the welding workshop, but not suitable for the working conditions of many stations, large workpieces, or robot welding arms. The welding fume central dust collector can use the top suction hood to collect the welding fume of the robot welding arm, and can also collect the fully enclosed or semi-closed collection of the welding robot workstation. In addition, it can also perform dust removal and purification in plasma cutting, flame cutting and other processes. . The centralized welding dust collector is more in line with environmental protection requirements.

The current environmental impact assessment conditions are very severe. For example, in the welding workshop of some factories, if there are more than 4 welding stations, then according to the environmental impact assessment conditions, it is necessary to install a welding fume central dust collector, so that the welding fume control can basically meet the standards.

So what are the characteristics of the welding fume central dust collector? Does your factory really need this kind of equipment? Come, let’s learn about the welding fume central dust collector together!

Working principle of welding fume central dust collector
The dust-laden gas enters the dust collector under the guidance of the fan. By setting the baffle plate and the spark arrestor in the air intake passage, the large particle sparks in the welding fume can be intercepted by the baffle plate and the spark arrestor, which can effectively capture Eliminate sparks generated during cutting and welding to avoid burning the filter cartridge and causing safety disasters. A deflector is set at the air inlet of the filter cartridge to make the air intake of the dust collector more uniform, prolong the service life of the filter cartridge and improve the filtration efficiency. In general, the dust-laden air passes through the filter cartridge and enters the clean air chamber, and then enters the fan along the pipe to discharge the clean air, and the dust is captured on the surface of the filter cartridge. This process works like a high-efficiency filter. With the formation of “dust cake” on the surface of the filter cartridge, the pressure difference will continue to increase, and the automatic pulse cleaning process will start to operate according to the backflush time interval set by the PLC controller. The controller instructs the solenoid valve to open, and the pressure release causes the pneumatic diaphragm valve to open, so that the compressed air enters the clean air chamber through the air guide pipe. This compressed air then enters the cartridge, effectively trapping the air being processed by the cartridge for a fraction of a second. The transient flow of compressed air continues into the cartridge media and then blows the accumulated dust radially away from the cartridge. The dust follows the trend of the main airflow and falls down into the ash hopper under the action of gravity.

Cleaning process: Each filter cartridge handles an air volume of about 0.28 to 0.35m3/s, and the wind speed through the filter cartridge medium is equivalent to 0.03 to 0.04m/s. Such a low wind speed not only makes the surface adhesion of the medium effective, but also effectively removes the accumulated dust during compressed air cleaning. Some of the fine dust particles will re-enter the adjacent filter cartridges, but anyway, the tendency is to blow the accumulated dust away from the filter cartridges until it reaches the dust box below. The uppermost row of filter cartridges will be pulse cleaned first, and then the program controller selects the next row to repeat the pulse cleaning process. Thereafter the controller will sequentially continue to select other filter cartridges for cleaning operations. The number of filter cartridges being cleaned is precisely scheduled at any time and at any time interval so that there is no imbalance in the air flow.

Welding fume central dust collector application field Welding fume central dust collector is widely used in automobile, metallurgy, electronics, shipbuilding, heavy industry, machinery, sheet metal, plastic, rubber, steel, medicine, military industry, papermaking, tobacco, chemical industry, railway, glass, etc. Purification and treatment of welding fume, grinding dust and other operations generated in various welding, polishing, cutting, grinding and other processes involved in the industry.

Features of welding fume central dust collector
◆A multi-channel spark arresting system is set up, and baffles and spark arrestors are installed in the air intake passage. The large particle sparks in the welding fume can be intercepted through the baffles and spark arrestors, which can effectively capture and eliminate cutting and welding Sparks generated during the process, so as not to burn the filter cartridge and cause a safety disaster.

◆ Fully automatic dust removal system, filter material cleaning is more convenient and fast, without stopping the host and other operations. When the saturation resistance on the surface of the filter cartridge reaches a certain value, the automatic cleaning function is turned on, and each filter cartridge unit is individually backflushed and cleaned in turn during the working process of the main engine, so as to ensure that the welding fume central dust collector is always in good working condition.

◆The filter cartridge is made of film-coated polyester fiber filter material, with a filtration efficiency of 99.5%. The service life of the filter cartridge is much longer than that of ordinary filter materials under normal use conditions. You can choose to configure filter cartridges with different filter materials, such as flame-retardant filter cartridges. To meet the removal or air filtration of smoke and dust of different natures.

◆The replacement method of the filter cartridge is extraction type, which can be replaced without using any auxiliary tools. Both the left and right sides are equipped with pipeline connections, which can be freely selected by the user according to the application occasion.

◆The filter cartridge is installed in a 15° inclined drawer, which makes it easier to remove and replace the filter cartridge, and there are no transmission parts in the welding fume central dust collector body, which reduces maintenance time.

◆The configured high-performance centrifugal fan has large suction volume and strong suction. The operating condition of the filter cartridge can be observed through the digital gauge on the control panel. The welding fume central dust collector can purify particles with an accuracy of 0.01μm, which can greatly improve the overall space dust pollution.

◆According to the needs of the installation space, any combination of filter cartridges with different numbers of columns and rows can be used; the space occupied by the filtering area of the equipment is small, which can save a lot of space resources for the user and indirectly reduce the one-time investment cost of the user. Modular combination, the size can not only be chosen at will, but also the original combination can be expanded to add dust removal units.

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