Working principle of industrial dust collector

Laser cutting is a hot way in the field of sheet metal cutting, which has the advantages of strong power, fast operation speed, high cutting accuracy, perfect kerf and so on, and thus widely praised. At the same time, laser cutting supporting dust removal equipment demand is also increasing, in which Huaxia Starlight laser cutting machine dust collector, in the rapid filling of laser cutting workshop dust removal needs at the same time, but also harvested a wide range of praise!

This cutting supporting dust removal equipment in the end what is good? If you look at the working principle of the laser cutting machine dust collector, you will be able to understand why it is widely sought after!4筒-1 拷贝

1. After the dust collector is turned on, the induced draft fan starts and the dust collector begins to work.

2. The smoke and dust generated by laser cutting, under the power of induced draft fan pumping, enters the inlet of Huaxia Starlight dust collector. It is worth noting that Huaxia Starlight laser cutting dust removal equipment is equipped with high-efficiency fan, large air volume, high negative pressure, to achieve strong dust suction, the workshop dust can not escape!

3. After the air inlet, the spark dust firstly enters the spark catcher, and the spark is automatically extinguished after many collisions, and falls into the dust hopper.

4. Immediately after entering the surface of the filter cartridge, due to the sudden expansion of the cross-section of the airflow and the role of the airflow distribution board, the wind speed plummeted, a portion of the coarse particles in the airflow under the action of wind power and inertial forces collide with each other, naturally settled to the bottom of the dust hopper; fine particle size, small density dust particles, through the combination of diffusion and filtering and other combined effects, deposition on the outer surface of the filter cartridge filter material and be intercepted. As this laser cutting dust removal equipment adopts high-quality nano-flame-retardant filter material, it provides superb performance while guaranteeing safety, and can make the dust purification efficiency reach 99%.

5. The clean gas after filtration penetrates through the filter media and is discharged centrally from the inner wall of the filter cartridge into the clean room.

6. The air in the clean room is then extracted by the fan and discharged.

7. The soot pollutants that are retained during filtration are covered on the surface of the filter media and gradually accumulate. Another highlight of this laser cutting dust removal equipment is configured with automatic pulse blowback cleaning system, which can open the compressed air to the filter cartridge to implement automatic blowing cleaning, effectively extending the service life of the filter cartridge, to protect the dust collector’s work efficiency, and make the equipment manual cleaning and maintenance costs are greatly reduced!

In addition to the above advantages of high dust collection efficiency, good purification effect, easy cleaning, etc., Huaxia Starlight dust collector is also because of the compact structure, covers an area of small, very easy to install and use the workshop; and should be for the special conditions of some workshops, but also can be customized design and research and development, to better meet the needs of the laser cutting workshop dust removal!

Choose Huaxia Starlight, smoke and dust problems a key to solve!

Post time: 11-06-24