Smoke and dust in the laser cutting workshop? You must know the laser cutting dust removal solution

Smoke and dust in the laser cutting workshop? You must know the laser cutting dust removal solution

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1. Development Status of Laser Cutting
In recent years, laser technology has been widely used in the field of sheet metal cutting, and the technology of CNC laser cutting machine tools has developed rapidly. Laser cutting is to irradiate the workpiece with a high-power-density laser beam, so that the irradiated material is rapidly melted and vaporized, and at the same time, the high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam blows off the molten material, thereby realizing the cutting of the workpiece. At the same time of production, we will also find that some equipment manufacturers have little research on the harm of smoke and dust generated by laser cutting metal sheets to the human body and the environment. For cost considerations, some manufacturers have relatively simple internal air duct design, resulting in poor ventilation effect.

2. The cause of smoke and dust
Laser vaporization cutting: under the heating of high-power-density laser beam, about 40% of the material is vaporized into steam and disappears, and 60% of the material is blown away from the bottom of the slit by the auxiliary gas as ejecta, and combined with fine particles in the air, Dust formed.
Laser melting and cutting: When the power density of the incident laser beam exceeds a certain value, the material at the irradiated area begins to evaporate, forming holes, while the material around the speed of light is melted. Then, the auxiliary air flow coaxial with the speed of light takes away the surrounding molten material to form soot.
Laser oxidation cutting: The surface of the material is quickly heated to the ignition temperature under the irradiation of the laser beam, and then undergoes a violent combustion reaction with oxygen, releasing a large amount of heat, so that small holes full of steam are formed inside the material, and the surrounding of the small holes Surrounded by molten metal walls, these vapors and molten material are carried away by the auxiliary air flow and float in the job shop, forming dust and smoke.

3. Hazards from cutting fumes
The danger of smoke and dust is easily overlooked by the operator. The high temperature generated by the laser acts on the processed materials, generating a large amount of steam and smoke. (such as carbon dioxide), more likely to harm the human respiratory system. It is obviously impossible not to deal with such cutting fume pollution. Whether it is from the perspective of environmental impact assessment, the service life of the machine itself, and the health of employees, laser cutting machines need to be equipped with customized dust removal solutions.

4. Processing technology
The special filter cartridge (polyester + film) made of PTFE filter material has the characteristics of both membrane filtration and rigid body filtration. The strong and rigid filter body can withstand high working pressure without any frame support, and can withstand certain mechanical impact. The filter cartridge does not deform when blowing back. Because the panel of the dust collector is fastened by bolts and easy to disassemble, and the filter cartridge is hoisted by three lugs, it is very convenient to install and replace the filter cartridge.

Welding smoke cartridge filter has the following characteristics:
①High dust collection efficiency: The dust removal efficiency of the filter element is realized by its own unique structure and coating, which is suitable for extremely fine and special dust. Usually, the dust removal efficiency for ultrafine dust above 0.3 μm can reach >99.8? %. Since most of the particle diameters of welding and cutting fumes are above 0.2 μm, it is especially suitable for the purification and filtration of metal welding and cutting fumes.
②Stable pressure loss: Since the filter cartridge captures the dust through the PTFE coating on the surface, its smooth surface makes it difficult for the dust to penetrate and stay, and there will be no clogging in the matrix layer of the filter cartridge. related to wind speed.
③The special filter cartridge (polyester + film) made of PTFE filter material has the function of flame retardancy.
④ Good cleaning effect: The rigid structure of the filter cartridge makes the filter cartridge free of deformation when the pulse blowback airflow is ejected to the gap, and the dust adhered to the surface can be removed in an instant.
⑤ The service life can reach 1 to 2 years, which greatly reduces the number of times to replace the filter element; the filter cartridge has a long trouble-free operation time and does not require frequent maintenance and maintenance.

The collected cutting dust will be evenly transported to the dust removal host for filtration. The host structure is the same as that of the welding dust centralized dust removal system. The installed filter cartridge will intercept dust larger than 0.3μm, thus completing the purification process of cutting dust. This kind of blowing and suction dust removal equipment has a treatment efficiency of more than 90% for laser cutting dust, and the effect is very obvious. Cartridge dust collectors have become the most popular method of dust removal for laser cutting due to their ease of installation and low cost.

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