Street lights that can “sprinkle water” appear on the streets of China

Recently, a row of street lights that "sprinkle water" has attracted the attention of many citizens on urban roads in China.


It is reported that the street lamps that will "sprinkle" use a "black technology" - a high-pressure micro-fog dust reduction system. That is to say, a smart host is connected to the street lamp pile point through a special pipeline, and the filtered tap water is sent to the high-pressure pipeline for spraying. The whole operation process only consumes electricity and water, will not cause secondary pollution, and can achieve cooling, humidification, and haze prevention. The effect of dust suppression, energy saving and efficiency enhancement.

According to the relevant person in charge of the China Urban Construction Management Service Center, the high-pressure micro-mist dust reduction system can realize intelligent operation by sensing the changes in temperature, humidity and particle concentration of the surrounding air in real time, and its atomization effect can reach PM2.5, PM10 micron level, The water mist sprayed in the air can capture and absorb the fine particles in the air to achieve the effect of preventing haze and dust.

In the pilot area of ​​the high-pressure micro-mist dust suppression system, the staff used recorders to measure and compare the temperature and humidity of the surrounding air when the system was turned on and off. The data results show that within one hour after the system is turned on, the temperature around the street lamp drops by 3 degrees Celsius, and the air humidity increases by 10%. It can be seen that the sprayed water mist can increase the local air humidity, reduce the ambient temperature, and improve the somatosensory comfort of road pedestrians in dry and high temperature weather.


Compared with traditional dust suppression equipment such as fog cannons and sprinklers, the high-pressure micro-mist dust suppression system has the characteristics of high efficiency, simple maintenance, and wide coverage. The safe and clean water mist particles can also infiltrate the surrounding green vegetation, which not only saves water The cost of resources and labor, and it has become a unique urban landscape, realizing "one system, multiple uses".

Post time: 09-08-22