Why Laser Cutting Smoke and Dust Should Be Governed

Development status
In recent years, laser technology has been widely used in the field of sheet metal cutting, and CNC laser cutting machine tools have developed rapidly.
At present, the purchase of laser equipment is basically equipped with cutting fume purifiers as standard, and many laser brand manufacturers are also configuring some fume purifiers one after another, but most manufacturers are more casual, and some cutting machines do not even match any dust removal system.
As people pay more and more attention to occupational health, and the government and industry organizations are also strengthening regulations, professional dust removal equipment for laser cutting will become more and more common.


How to manage laser cutting smoke and dust
In short, the treatment method of laser cutting fume is to support a special laser fume purifier, and the product can be said to be relatively mature at present.
Most laser cutting machine brand manufacturers adopt more effective partition air door structure, but the air duct structure designed by each manufacturer will be different, such as the size of the partition, the size of the air inlet, the size of the pipe, the direction of the pipe, and the suction port The position and size of the cutting machine will lead to uneven dust extraction effect, and the amount of smoke and dust generated by cutting with oxygen and nitrogen will also be different with different power levels, so comprehensive selection is required.

How to choose the laser fume purifier?
1. Machine tool size
(1) According to the width of the machine tool, reasonably design the damper, and calculate the required air volume requirements according to the damper area.
(2) According to the length of the machine tool, design and select the size and length of the air duct, and calculate the pressure loss.
2. Power & cutting method & material & thickness
(1) According to the cutting power, nitrogen or oxygen, stainless steel or carbon steel to estimate the amount and composition of smoke and dust.
(2) Select and calculate the air volume and filtering air speed of the purifier according to the amount and composition of smoke and dust.
3. Oily & protective film & 24 hours operation
(1) According to the oiliness of the cutting material, whether it is a film, and whether it works 24 hours a day, the frequency of injection and the way of offline injection are selected.
(2) Select the inert powder spraying device according to the oiliness of the cutting material.

CSDC series laser cutting supporting purification equipment
CSDC series laser cutting supporting equipment is suitable for laser cutting machines with fully enclosed and semi-enclosed structures. Dust removal equipment purification.
The smoke and dust generated by cutting pass through the dust removal pipe, and after the sparks and large particles of dust are filtered out by the flame arrester, the smoke and dust gas reaches the CSDC host. The CSDC host uses a film-coated dust removal filter cartridge with a filtration accuracy of 0.3 microns and a purification efficiency of 99.9%, which fully meets the requirements of environmental protection and purification. , The purified clean air can be discharged indoors or outdoors.
Processing flow:
Cutting smoke→flame arrester→CSDC series host→purification and emission

Pulse blowback laser cutting purification system
For the operation of double cutting heads in laser cutting, the amount of smoke and dust generated during the cutting process, the cutting table is wide, and the cutting plate is large and thick, our dust removal system can adjust the back blowing frequency to speed up the dust removal rate , for dust collection and treatment.
Processing flow:
Cutting smoke → dust pipe → filter cartridge → fan exhaust

Post time: 03-02-23