Why do factories choose filter cartridge dust collectors

Dust removal equipment is a commonly used dust removal device in industry, which can help some industries to better remove dust. Currently, in these dedusting equipment, filter elements between filter elements or filter bags recover powder and solid impurities from the air stream. Today we’re going to be talking about cartridge dust collectors!

Industrial Pulse Inverse Blow Industrial Dust Collector For Laser Cutting

During the dust cleaning process of the filter cartridge dust collector, the pulse controller connects the power supply of an electromagnetic pulse valve to make the corresponding membrane valve eject pulse high-pressure air, and the high-pressure air passes through the filter core from inside to outside, and will adhere to the filter The dust on the outer surface is removed, and the dust particles fall into the dust hopper, and then into the ash collection bucket.

When the filter cartridge is placed obliquely or horizontally, part of the airflow in the dust collector goes around to the bottom of the filter cartridge for filtering. The use of downstream can improve the dust removal effect of the dust collector. It adopts advanced module assembly structure and good air pattern, and the ratio of filtration area to volume is 30-40 times that of traditional filter bags. At the same time, it is small in size and has a high space utilization rate. Moreover, the downflow filter cartridge dust collector adopts a folded filter material with a high density, which can create a large filter area in a limited space, reduce the filter speed, reduce resource waste and operation. costs, extended equipment life and maintenance of the overall structure.

Under normal operation of the filter cartridge dust collector, the dust-laden air enters the dust collector through the top inlet, and then disperses downward through the deflector plate and passes through the filter element. The dust is blocked on the outer surface of the filter element, and the filtered clean air enters the clean air through the filter element. Air chamber, exhausted through the outlet pipe.

industrial filter sleeve dust collector

Main features of filter cartridge dust collector:
1. The pressure difference is small, and the reasonable air inlet design makes the air distribution in the body more uniform
2. Higher filtration efficiency
3. Reasonable aerodynamic design,
4. Flexible assembled module structure,

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Post time: 23-02-23