Pulse jet filter element dust collector for food and drug processing

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The CSDC-6L Pulse Cartridge Dust Collector provides breakthrough cleaning performance, resulting in increased filtration capacity with relatively little wear and tear on the dust collector filter element.

The automatic pulse cleaning system provides 50% cleaning for filtering impurities. 50% of air impurities can be eliminated by the integrated spark arrestor. The purified smoke and dust will reach the filter element part with the attraction of the exhaust fan, and be adsorbed on the filter cartridge. When we turn on the pulse cleaning, the small particles will be shot down again and again with the vibration of the pulse, and finally put into us. Ash canister at the bottom. Air The precise path of clean air delivers clean energy to all effective filter media, which minimizes energy loss.

Our proprietary pulse design is designed to evenly distribute cleaning energy to match the unique shape of the filter element.

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Model name CSDC-4L
Fan power 5.5KW
Handling air volume 2700-3200 M3/H
Number of filter cartridges 4
Filter area 92 M2
Filter material Nano flame retardant filter material
Cleaning method Pulse automatic cleaning
Noise <=80DB
Compressed air 0.5-0.6Mpa
Power supply 380V/50HZ
Dimension(L*W*H) 1320*1420*2360
Total Weight 770KG




1. The dust collector has high dust removal efficiency, good filtering effect, small size and stable operation.

2. The filter cartridge is installed with skeleton, which has good sealing performance and is firm and reliable.

3. The filter cartridge has a long service life and is easy to install and maintain.

4. The box body adopts air tightness design, which has good sealing performance. The inspection door uses excellent sealing material, and the air leakage rate is very low.

5. The inlet and outlet air ducts are compactly arranged, and the airflow resistance is small.



Cement plant: crushing, grinding, coal hemp, dust removal on the top of material transportation warehouse, raw meal mill, cement mill, packaging.

Metallurgical plant: electric furnace, blast furnace, desulfurization furnace, induction furnace, casting, sandblasting, simple furnace.

Power plant: material conveying, smoke (powder) dust treatment, fly ash storage.

Aluminium plant: fluidized bed dry cleaning tower, venturi jet dry cleaning tower, self-supplied dry cleaning tower, carbon dust, anode crushing, electrolytic aluminum production dust.

Food/pharmaceutical: additives, drying section, flour/grain processing, sugar-coated tablets, packaging.

Chemicals: plastic fibers, resins, tires/rubber, coking, bleaching powder, packaging.





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