Heavy duty uncoiling steel strip Motorized Uncoiler With Press Arm

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Our steel coil aluminum coil uncoiler is mainly composed of CAD/CAM programming system, automatic uncoiling, leveling system, servo automatic feeding, laser cutting and other systems. This steel coil opener can easily realize automatic production, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces labor burden, and reduces production cost. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, and convenient operation.

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Material width 1500MM
Material thickness 0.5-2MM
Weight capacity ≤10T
Feeding speed ≤30M/MIN
Laser power 1500W-4000w
Cutting positioning accuracy ±0.05MM
Repeatability ±0.03MM
Operating Voltage 380V/ 50Hz
Number of flat rolls 13
Roll diameter 105MM
Leveling accuracy ≤±0.5 MM/ M2
Feeding system accuracy ±0.2MM




1. Realize 24-hour online non-stop to realize continuous cutting, feeding, uninterrupted operation, and cutting while moving. The continuous transmission of the coil conveying equipment, the simultaneous feeding and discharging, the superior continuous transmission and the seamless power cutting connection, greatly save time for users and interpret the primary productivity efficiently.

2.Abandon the traditional press die blanking method, eliminate its expensive manufacturing cost and the shortcomings of long-term storage space, replace the press and blanking die to achieve automatic blanking of metal strips, low operating costs, high production efficiency. The utilization rate is maximized, the production cycle is shortened, the investment of blanking equipment and the cost of mold consumption are reduced.

3. Change the working mode of the traditional flying shear assembly line, use the laser cutting machine to cut, greatly improve the cutting accuracy, flexible production, laser cutting, one-time forming, without post-processing. The cutting surface is of high quality, free of burrs and micro-cracking.

4. Adopt advanced optimized nesting software and control system to realize automatic nesting and co-edge cutting, save cutting time, reduce the number of perforations, reduce the generation of waste, and improve the utilization rate of materials.


Uncoiled lines are suitable for standard steel coils. After the material is uncoiled and flattened, it enters the cutting unit, and the special machine tool structure is used to feed the material and then cut the graphics, and then output through the transmission platform for sorting and unloading. The fields involved include mechanical heavy industry, door industry, elevators, kitchen utensils, household appliances, steel furniture, automobiles, etc.

Application field: It can cut various metal sheets below 2vw, mainly suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, various alloy sheets, rare metals and other thin metal coils.




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Our prices may vary based on availability and other market factors. After your company contacts us for more information, we will send you an updated price list.

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Yes, we require ongoing minimum order quantities for all international orders. If you want to resell but in much smaller quantities, we recommend checking out our website.

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Yes, we can provide most documents including Certificate of Analysis/Conformance; Insurance; Country of Origin and other required export documents.

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