CSDC-12L Cartridge Dust Collector

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CSDC-12L adopts ultra-high-efficiency air separation technology. Compared with other types of dust collectors, it has the characteristics of large effective filtration area, low pressure difference, low emission, small size and long service life.

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What are the main performance indicators of the machine?

The pulsed airflow is directly injected into the filter cartridge without passing through the Venturi. This will cause one end (upper) of the filter cartridge close to the pulse valve to be under negative pressure, while the other end (lower) of the filter cartridge will be under pressure as shown in Figure 6-29. This will cause the upper and lower parts of the filter cartridge to be cleaned differently, which may shorten the service life and prevent the equipment from effectively cleaning the dust.

For this purpose, Venturi nozzles for filter cartridges can be installed on the outlet of the pulse valve or on the pulse injection pipe. The distribution of the injection pressure is improved to a relatively uniform high positive pressure injection of the full filter cartridge.

Dust accumulation in the folded slits of the filter cartridge will make cleaning more difficult. Therefore, the filter cartridges with large folded area (each filter cartridge has a filtration area of ​​20~22m2) are generally only suitable for use in the case of lower inlet concentrations. Compare the common filter cartridge size and filter area.

The air distribution box of the pulse injection device of the filter cartridge dust collector shall comply with the provisions of JB/T 10191-2000. The clean air should be free of water, oil and dust. Under the specified conditions, the injection valve and the interface of the pulse valve should have no air leakage, and can be opened and closed normally, and the work is reliable.

The pulse controller should work accurately and reliably, and its injection time and interval can be adjusted within a certain range. When the induction blowing device is installed with the blowing pipe. The nozzle of the induced blowing device should be coaxial with the nozzle hole on the blowing pipe, and keep the same verticality with the nozzle, and the deviation should be less than 2mm.

About core accessories: filter cartridge and filter material

Filter Cartridge
The filter element of the cartridge type dust collector is the filter cartridge. The structure of the filter cartridge is divided into four parts: the top cover, the metal frame, the pleated filter material and the base. The filter cartridges composed of these four parts are round, flat and conical.
The filter cartridge is folded into pleats with the filter material of the designed length, and the end and end are bonded into the cylinder. The top cover has fixing bolts and washers. Round filter cartridge, the shape of the flat filter cartridge.
The upper and lower end caps of the filter cartridge and the protective net should be bonded reliably, and there should be no defects such as degumming, glue leakage and sagging; the metal parts on the filter cartridge should meet the rust-proof requirements; the outer surface of the filter cartridge should be free from obvious scars and bumps. The filter cartridge can be equipped with an induction nozzle or a venturi and other injection devices as needed, and a protective net should be added inside the filter cartridge. When the filter cartridge D≥320mm and H≥1200mm are selected , should be equipped with induction nozzles.

Filter Material
There are two types of filter media for filter cartridges: one is synthetic fiber filter media, and the other is paper filter media.
Synthetic nonwoven filter media. According to the processing technology, it can be divided into two categories: continuous fiber spunbond polyester hot pressing and short fiber spunbond polyester hot pressing. When the surface of the filter material is under the condition of waterproof treatment, the infiltration angle of the filter material after waterproof treatment should be greater than 90°, and the water level should not be lower than grade IV. When the filter material is under oil-proof treatment condition, the filter material should be treated with oil-proof treatment. Polyester non-woven filter material can withstand working temperature not lower than 120 ℃. For other special working conditions such as high temperature and high humidity, the selection of the material and structure of the filter cartridge should meet the application requirements.
Paper filter media can be divided into two categories: low air permeability and high air permeability.
In addition, there are synthetic fiber non-woven PTFE membrane filter media and paper PTFE membrane filter media.

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